Mo's Breakfast

Cuban Toast... 1.29

Cuban Cheese Toast... 1.79

Mo's Huevos... 6"-3.19    12"-5.99

Mo's 300 Calorie Breakfast Sandwich.. 4.19

Tampa Special (Cuban Toast & Café Con Leche).. 2.99

Mo's Breakfast Wrap (Tortilla, Ham, Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, Mojo Sauce).. 3.79

Mo's Breakfast bagel (Fresh Egg, Ham & Cheese on our tasty Bagel)...3.49

Bagel with Cream Cheese ( Plain or Cinnamon)...1.79

Muffins...0.69 Each 

Beignets  5 Count... 2.09 /10 Count... 3.19

11406 N. Dale Mabry Hwy. 

     Tampa, FL 33618


Mo's Lunch


Original Cuban...Regular 4.79   Large 7.99

Mo's BLT (Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato on Cuban Bread)...4.79

Mo's Cuban Burger (100% Beef Burger on Pressed Cuban Bread)... 4.29

Mo's Pulled Pork...Regular-4.99   Large-9.49

Grilled Chicken Wrap...4.79

Nathan 100% All beef Hot Dogs On Cuban Bread 

THE Big Frank (Ketchup, Mustard & Relish)... 2.79

Mo's Ybor City Style (Black Beans, Onions & Hot Sauce)... 3.49

New York Style Dog (Mustard, Kraut,& Onions)... 3.49

Chicago Style Dog (Dill Pickle, Relish, Onions, Celery Salt)...3.79

Mo's Coney Island (Chili, Mustard,Onions & Cheese)...3.79


Curly or Straight Fries... Reg  1.79  Lg Basket 3.49

Chips...0.75 (w/ Sandwich or Hot dog... 0.59)



Mo's Specialty Beverages

Served Hot or Iced

Sm- 3.19   Reg- 3.69   Lg- 4.19

Milky Way (Chocolate & Caramel)

Peanut Butter Cup (Peanut butter & Chocolate)

Sugar Daddy (Caramel& Hazelnut)

Moo Moo (Chocolate & Vanilla)

Sm-3.49   Reg-3.89   Lg-4.39

Butter Pecan, ( Butterscotch,Hazelnut, Amaretto)

Dutch Chocolate Almond (Chocolate & Amaretto)

Divinity (Hazelnut, Vanilla, Mocha)

Snickersbar (Chocolate, Caramel, & Hazelnut)

Mo'licious Chillers, Freezes, and Smoothies

Chillers- Any coffee or tea drink blended with Ice 

               List price + 0.59

Freezes- Any Coffee drink blended with Ice Cream                 and Ice ... List price + 1.29

Mo's Smoothies-Tropical Mango, Strawberry & Strawberry Banana... Reg- 4.09

Mo's Protein Shakes-Reg-4.29   Lg-4.79

(Extra Fruit 0.75/ Extra  Protein 1.19)

(Extra shot's of flavor... 0.59)

Other Beverages

Soda... 1.25  / Water... 0.99

Monday-Friday 6:30 Am - 4:00 Pm; Saturday 8:00 Am - 2:00 Pm

Closed Sundays

Delivery M-F 10:00 Am - 2:00 Pm


Café with Drive Thru & Delivery


Proud to be a Veteran Owned Business 


Always Fresh, Always Cool!



Coffee And Teas 

           Served Hot Or Iced

Café Con Leche... Sm- 2.09  Reg-2.69  Lg-3.19

Espresso... Sm- 1.59   Reg- 2.09

Americano... Sm- 1.69   Reg- 2.29   Lg- 2.79

Cappuccino... Sm- 2.09   Reg- 2.69   Lg- 3.19

Latte... Sm- 2.09   Reg- 2.69   Lg- 3.19

Cafe Mocha... Sm- 2.69  Reg- 3.29  Lg- 3.99 

Fresh Grind Coffee...Sm-1.39   Reg-1.79   Lg-2.09

Chai Tea Latte... Sm-2.19   Reg-2.79   Lg-3.29

Fresh Grind Coffee...Sm-1.39   Reg-1.79   Lg-2.09

Herbal Tea... Sm-1.99   Reg-2.19   Lg-2.49 

(Chamomile, Peach, Lemon Zinger, Green, Orange Jasmine, Organic, Non Sweet, & other Cool Flavors)